definition of pastry chef

What is a Pastry Chef Called?

Most occupations have multiple job titles to describe the same, or similar types of roles. In restaurants and other industries associated with the culinary arts, the hierarchy can become extremely complex. Roles and job duties may overlap, and terms may be used interchangeably. While this can be extremely confusing for individuals who are trying to [...]


Pastry Chef Definition

Today, the culinary arts industry is experiencing continued growth – but an even higher level of expansion is being observed in the pastry arts. Because of the growing popularity of food-based television series and competition cooking shows, this niche is gaining increased public exposure and attention. But if you have a passion for creating mouth-watering [...]


What is a Pastry Chef?

Do you imagine yourself pursuing a career in the culinary arts, but aren’t sure which job is the best fit for you? Or are you interested in creating dessert dishes, ice cream, chocolates and cakes for patrons to enjoy, but aren’t sure where to start? One of the most overlooked professions in the culinary field [...]


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