Pastry Chef Schools

Pastry chef schools are very specialized and teach comprehensive techniques in the art of pastry preparation and cooking. 

Find a pastry chef school and continue your education.

Use the clickable map of the United States shown below to find a school near you.

Pastry Chef Schools By State

Top Pastry Chef Schools

Several top pastry chef schools exist and are widely recognized around the world.  Among these schools is French cooking school called Le Cordon Bleu and the Culinary Institute of America and both of these schools offer excellent pastry chef programs where they can earn a degree that specializes in the preparation of pastries.  A degree earned by both of these schools will carry respect and a lot of weight when applying for jobs within the restaurant industry.  The path to becoming a pastry chef with a successful career will  include:

  • Earning their degree with a specialization in pastry and dessert making from a top cooking school
  • While earning their degree work as an apprentice under a profession chef in order to gain the required experience
  • Be a self starter and take on responsibility that is above and beyond their normal job description in order to prove their passion about their work
  • Show ambition and high motivation in order to earn promotions or work their way up to the more elegant prestigious restaurants and hotels
  • Be willing to work with and teach other students in the art of pastry or food preparation, share their expertise

It is very important to be willing to continue to learn and to help teach those who want to learn from your skills and experience.   Along with the ability to prepare pastries in a unique and tasteful way it is also important to have patience because even though being a pastry chef can be a very rewarding career path it could take many years and many different jobs before a pastry chef reaches their one ultimate goal and becomes the head chef for their own pastry department in a very well know elegant food establishment.

Becoming a world renowned pastry chef is an attainable goal and a very respected coveted position that anyone can achieve with the right abilities, desire, ambition, patience and education plan.  Following these suggestions a person could wake up one day after many years of hard work and find they are the head chef or head pastry chef of the restaurant they have always dreamed about, all because they chose the right school for a pastry chef.

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