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Are you thinking about becoming a pastry chef, desire to change your career path or do you want to expand your experience? Doing any of these things requires you to change, create or update your resume – but everyone knows this part of the process can be the most difficult step. And creating a pastry chef resume can be even more difficult because the culinary arts require a unique set of skills, experience and education. But if you are looking for a challenging career that is not only uses traditional skills, but creativity as well – this could be the perfect beginning for you!

Below is a sample pastry chef resume which is meant to act as a reference and guideline, not as a set rule.resume Each application should be tailored to fit the skills the employer is seeking, which may require some minor alterations.

Personal Information
The opening section should include your name, address, phone and email (optional). Keep this section as professional as possible, which means you may need to create a new email address or omit it completely. An inappropriate or “fun” email address can set the wrong tone, or give prospective employers the wrong impression about you.

To obtain a position as an entry level pastry chef or executive pastry chef, using my existing experience, education and skills in a restaurant/pastry shop or catering environment.

The objective is not a required part of the resume writing process. When applying for pastry chef jobs, make sure to tailor this section to fit what the employer is looking for. Also, this section may aid individuals in clarifying their goals when switching career paths.

Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Hyde Park, New York
Bachelor’s Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts

Including your educational experience is key, especially when pursing an entry level position or changing careers. Obtaining a certificate, associates, bachelors and/or master’s degree can help you obtain a job in a popular restaurant even without experience.

Skills and Abilities

  • Experience as an entry level pastry chef or completed an apprenticeship at (fill in name and location) cake shop/catering business or patisserie.
  • Completes inventory process and budgets new orders accordingly
  • Involved in menu planning, and preparation of desserts

This section may or may not be needed for your resume, but will act as a way for you to inform employers about your skill set. This section will be vital to enhance individuals who are trying to enter the baking field, or are switching careers. If you are using this section to emphasize your skills while switching career paths, show how your existing abilities can apply to the position you are applying for.

Cake Creations of New York, New York City
2008 – Present
Assistant Pastry Chef

  • Help plan, coordinates and directs catering of weddings and related events, including cake and desert creation
  • Researches and learns new cake decorating trends and methods
  • Orders food, supplies and ingredients as specified and required by the executive chef
  • Prepares cakes, pastries and other desert items for family celebrations and public events

The above listing of experience is a fictional example, but is a reminder of all the details you will need to include in this section. Always include the name, location, title and job duties – but make sure the details are relevant to the pastry chef job you are applying for. Traditionally, you will want to start with your most recent experience first, but you may want to include the most relevant experience first if it makes you a more suitable fit for the job skills and requirements.

The above sample pastry chef resume is only a guideline, but can give you an idea how to tailor different resume types. Entry level pastry chef resumes and individuals switching careers should focus on education, objectives and skills. Individuals with baking experience should focus on the skills they have obtained and education – and how this can benefit employers. With a bit of time, attention to detail and analysis, you can create a resume that is sure to impress your future prospective employer.

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