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Distance learning and online programs have gained increasingly popular, especially among working adults who wish to advance their career or change professions. Today, high school students and adults can become a pastry chef online, instead of completing their entire education in a classroom. While completing this type of program can be difficult for individuals who do not manage their time well, it can be the perfect fit for an independent learner – who can balance their free time, work and class curriculum. And it gives you the opportunity to learn in the comfort of your own home, and the familiar environment of your personal kitchen. But before you enroll, it is important to discover how to find the right pastry chef school and if this type of learning is right for you.

Individual Classes or Degree Program
Become a pastry chef onlineOne of the most important decisions you will make will be based on if you want to take individual classes or pursue a degree to become a professional pastry chef. For individuals who wish to enhance their own skills and techniques for home use, the best option will be to take individual classes based on your personal schedule. For those who dream of pursuing a career in the pastry arts, the best option will be to pursue an online certificate or degree through an accredited college.

Choosing the Right Online School
Not all pastry chef curriculum’s will have an option to earn a baking and pastry certificate or degree online. In fact many colleges or universities will not offer this program 100% online. Why? Some skills, techniques and methods need the help of an instructor to develop – even if you already have a natural talent and passion for dessert creation.

One of the greatest challenges you may have while looking for a pastry chef school is finding a program. If this is the best learning option for you, you may have to face the reality that you may not find a degree or certificate program that focuses specifically on the pastry arts. However, earning a catering, culinary arts or culinary management degree can help you enter this niche of food creation just as easily. But before you enroll, make sure to verify the program is fully accredited – and the curriculum preferably has an accreditation through the American Culinary Federation (ACF).

Best Online Pastry Chef Programs
As mentioned above, finding an online pastry chef program can be a challenge – or may seem impossible. Some colleges and universities offering degree programs that cater to your interests and goals include:

Even with a busy schedule, it is still possible to achieve your dreams of becoming a pastry chef by completing an online program. While there are only a few schools that offer this opportunity, learning from one of these curriculum’s can help you develop your natural talent and passion for the pastry arts.

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